Applying for Civil Driving Privileges, Insurance-Related BMV Suspension


  • Carefully read the application before completing.  You are subject to criminal charges pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 2921.13 if you provide false information in connection with this application.
  • You are not entitled to privileges if you or a motor vehicle registered in your name was involved in an accident in the case underlying this suspension and you have not made full restitution for all damages.  Bring proof of restitution to your hearing.
  • Attach a copy of your BMV Notice of Suspension.
  • Attach proof of current insurance and bring to your hearing.  Your insurance documentation must contain your name as an insured motorist and dates of coverage, and must meet all BMV financial responsibility requirements.
  • Attach proof of current employment and/or school schedule and bring to your hearing.  Examples of proof of employment are pay stubs, a letter from your employer on company letterhead, or a schedule.
  • All BMV requirements, payment of all reinstatement fees, and the posting of an SR-22 bond must be completed before privileges will be granted.
  • A filing fee of $132.00 must be submitted with your application, payable to the Stow Municipal Court.
  • Granting of privileges by the Court is entirely discretionary.  Failure to attend the schedule hearing will result in the automatic denial of your request.