Appendix E – Traffic/Criminal Costs and Fees

(1)     Local basic costs:

(A)     Traffic MM|$87.00*
(B)     Traffic M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, UM|$212.00*
(C)     Criminal MM|$112.00**
(D)     Criminal M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, UM|$193.00**
(E)     All Felonies|$193.00**
(F)     Security for costs in criminal cases as the court may order|$35.00

(2)     State Victim of Crime Fund, ORC 2743.70|$9.00

(3)     State Indigent Defense Support Fund, ORC 2949.091|$9.00

(A)     Misdemeanors (excluding non-moving traffic)|$20.00
(B)     Non-Moving Traffic (excluding parking)|$10.00

(4)     Docket control (continuances, duplicative hearings, post-conviction motions)

(A)     Minor Misdemeanors|$10.00
(B)     Felonies, M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, UM|$50.00

(5)     Recognizance

(A)     Local Cost|$10.00
(B)     State Cost, ORC 2937.22|$25.00

(6)    Electronic Monitoring Fees

(A)     House Arrest|$25.00/day
(B)     GPS Monitoring|$25.00/day
(C)     Electronic Alcohol Monitoring|$15.00/day
(E)     Installation Fee|$50.00

(7)   Community Control Fees

7.1     Pre-sentence Investigation|$250.00
7.2     Probation Supervision|$50.00/Month
7.3     Reschedule CC Fee|$50.00
7.4     Community Control Monitoring|$20.00 per month
7.5     Reserved
7.6     Show Cause Hearing|$100.00
7.7     Restitution Investigation|$25.00 per victim    
7.8     Drug testing fee|$20.00/test
7.9      Day reporting fee|$85.00/week
7.10      Alcohol testing|$5.00/test

(8)   Miscellaneous Fees

(A)     Warrants|$110.00***
(B)     Continuance|$25.00
(C)     Commitment paper|$10.00
(D)     Certified mail service|$20.00
(E)     Praecipe Fee|$7.00
(F)     Operator license suspension|$20.00
(G)     Installment payment initial registration fee|$25.00
(H)     Witness fee (per one-half day) plus $0.505 per mile to and from place of residence (ORC 1901.26)|$6.00
(I)      Sheriff/Bailiff|base fee plus mileage if applicable, as determined by sheriff/bailiff
(J)     Sealing of Conviction or Dismissal|$50.00
(K)     Property Bond|$60.00
(L)     NSF check fee|$30.00
(M)    Local court rules|$5.00
(N)    Criminal Ninth District Appeal filing fee|$50.00
(O)    Transcript (Includes exemplification if necessary)|$40.00

(9)     Photo copy/certified copy |$.05/$1.00

(10)   Non-resident violator compact|$15.00

(11)   Bank credit card surcharge|3.75% in person, 4.0% online

(12)   Filing fee for ALS appeals|$25.00

(13)   Filing fee for seizure of automobile appeals|$25.00

(14)   Special Projects Fee|$25.00

(15)   Driving Letter Processing Fee|$25.00

(16)   Driving Letter Modification Processing Fee|$10.00

(17)   Driving Letter Supplement and Judicial Review|$25.00

(18)   Citizen’s Reward Program Fee|$1.00

(19)   Public Defender Application Fee|$25.00

(20)   Jury Demand|$400.00

(21)   Appeal of Parking Violation (Return to defendant if appeal granted)|$25.00

(22)   Court Mileage Schedule|Per Judge’s Order

(23)   Subpeona Service

(A)     Zone 1 (Court jurisdiction)|$25.00
(B)     Zone 2 (Remainder of Summit County)|$40.00

(24)   Driver Intervention Program Rescheduling Fee|$50.00

(25)   Diversion Programs

(A)     Marijuana Diversion Program|$550.00
(B)     Underage Diversion Program|$550.00
(C)    First Offense Theft Diversion Program|550.00
(D)    Safe Driver Diversion Program|$200.00

(26)   Community Control Education Programs|$50.00 per class

26.1    Reserved
26.2    Reserved
26.3    Reserved
26.4    Rescheduling Fee|$25.00
26.5    Victim Attendee (Violence Impact Program)|$30.00

(27)   Recorded Transcript of Proceedings (No Refunds)|$25.00

(28)   State Drug Law Enforcement Fund/Justice Program Services Fund, ORC 2949.094|$3.50

(29)   State Indigent Drivers Alcohol Treatment Fund, ORC 2949.094|$1.50

(30)   State Indigent Defense Support Fund, ORC 2949.094|$5.00

(31)   State Highway Safety Fund OVI Ignition Interlock Fee, ORC 4510.13|$5.00

(32)   STRIDE Mental Health Program|$500.00

(33)   Computer Fee|$10.00

(34)   Reserved


*|Includes $10.00 Local Computer Fee and $25.00 Special Projects Fee (Total:$35.00)
**|Includes $10.00 Local Computer Fee, $25.00 Special Projects Fee (Total: $35.00)