Court Rules

A complete copy of the Stow Municipal Court Court Rules

Court Rules – ALL

Rule No. 1 Citation of Rules
Rule No. 2 Hours of Session
Rule No. 3 Decorum and Conduct
Rule No. 4 Appearance of Persons
Rule No. 5 Media
Rule No. 6 Official Notice of Civil Proceedings
Rule No. 7 Filing By Electronic Transmission (eFiling)
Rule No. 8 Assignment of Cases to Judges
Rule No. 9 Cases That Have Been Assigned
Rule No. 10 Reassignment of Cases
Rule No. 11 Civil Pleadings and Other Papers
Rule No. 12 Civil Court Costs
Rule No. 13 Dismissal on Failure of Service
Rule No. 14 Civil Leaves to Move or Plead
Rule No. 15 Motion Practice
Rule No. 16 Notification of Dismissals
Rule No. 16.1 Pretrial Conferences
Rule No. 17 Telephone Hearings
Rule No. 18 Subpoenas for Witnesses
Rule No. 19 Jury Trials
Rule No. 19.1 Jury Management Plan
Rule No. 19.2 Pre-trial Duties on Civil Jury Trial
Rule No. 20 Civil Trial Date Assigned
Rule No. 21 Judgment Entries
Rule No. 22 Civil Continuances
Rule No. 23 Duties of Attorneys
Rule No. 24 Transfer of Cases to Another Court
Rule No. 25 Court Reporters
Rule No. 26 Transcript of Proceedings
Rule No. 27 Mediation
Rule No. 28 Retention of Electronic Recordings
Rule No. 29 Disposition of Files, Records Retention, Destruction and File Maintenance
Rule No. 30 Magistrates
Rule No. 31 Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer
Rule No. 32 Trial in Forcible Entry and Detainer
Rule No. 33 Jury Trial in Forcible Entry and Detainer
Rule No. 34 Writs of Restitution
Rule No. 35 Small Claims Division
Rule No. 36 Small Claims Trials
Rule No. 37 Court Security
Rule No. 38 Appointment of a Foreign Language Interpreter or Sign Language Interpreter
Rule No. 39 Installment Payments of Fines and Costs
Rule No. 40 Reserved
Rule No. 41 Representation of Indigent Defendants / Court Appointments
Rule No. 42 Community Service Program
Rule No. 43 Successful Treatment Results in Developing Excellence (STRIDE) Program
Rule No. 44 Representation of Indigents
Rule No. 45 Probable Cause
Rule No. 46 Case Management Plan
Rule No. 47 Use of Electronically Produced Tickets
Appendix A Hours of Operation
Appendix B Schedule of Civil Court Costs
Appendix C Waiver Schedule for Traffic Violations
Appendix D Waiver Schedule for Applicable Minor Misdemeanor Offenses
Appendix E Traffic/Criminal Costs and Fees
Appendix F Facsimile Filing Cover Sheet
Appendix G Sample Pleading