Court Rules

A complete copy of the Stow Municipal Court Court Rules

Court Rules – ALL

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Rule No. 1|Citation of Rules

Rule No. 2|Hours of Session

Rule No. 3|Decorum and Conduct

Rule No. 4|Appearance of Persons

Rule No. 5|Media

Rule No. 6|Official Notice of Civil Proceedings

Rule No. 7|Filing By Electronic Transmission (eFiling)

Rule No. 8|Assignment of Cases to Judges

Rule No. 9|Cases That Have Been Assigned

Rule No. 10|Reassignment of Cases

Rule No. 11|Civil Pleadings and Other Papers

Rule No. 12|Civil Court Costs

Rule No. 13|Dismissal on Failure of Service

Rule No. 14|Civil Leaves to Move or Plead

Rule No. 15|Motion Practice

Rule No. 16|Notification of Dismissals

Rule No. 16.1|Pretrial Conferences

Rule No. 17|Telephone Hearings

Rule No. 18|Subpoenas for Witnesses

Rule No. 19|Jury Trials

Rule No. 19.1|Jury Management Plan

Rule No. 19.2|Pre-trial Duties on Civil Jury Trial

Rule No. 20|Civil Trial Date Assigned

Rule No. 21|Judgment Entries

Rule No. 22|Civil Continuances

Rule No. 23|Duties of Attorneys

Rule No. 24|Transfer of Cases to Another Court

Rule No. 25|Court Reporters

Rule No. 26|Transcript of Proceedings

Rule No. 27|Mediation

Rule No. 28|Retention of Electronic Recordings

Rule No. 29|Disposition of Files, Records Retention, Destruction and File Maintenance

Rule No. 30|Magistrates

Rule No. 31|Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer

Rule No. 32|Trial in Forcible Entry and Detainer

Rule No. 33|Jury Trial in Forcible Entry and Detainer

Rule No. 34|Writs of Restitution

Rule No. 35|Small Claims Division

Rule No. 36|Small Claims Trials

Rule No. 37|Court Security

Rule No. 38|Appointment of a Foreign Language Interpreter or Sign Language Interpreter

Rule No. 39|Installment Payments of Fines and Costs

Rule No. 40|Reserved

Rule No. 41|Representation of Indigent Defendants / Court Appointments

Rule No. 42|Community Service Program

Rule No. 43|Successful Treatment Results in Developing Excellence (STRIDE) Program

Rule No. 44|Representation of Indigents

Rule No. 45|Probable Cause

Rule No. 46|Case Management Plan

Rule No. 47|Use of Electronically Produced Tickets

Appendix A|Hours of Operation

Appendix B|Schedule of Civil Court Costs

Appendix C|Waiver Schedule for Traffic Violations

Appendix D|Waiver Schedule for Applicable Minor Misdemeanor Offenses

Appendix E|Traffic/Criminal Costs and Fees

Appendix F|Facsimile Filing Cover Sheet

Appendix G|Sample Pleading