(A) Courtroom Conduct.

Upon the opening of any Court session, all persons in the courtroom shall stand. All persons in the courtroom shall conduct themselves with decorum and in such a manner so as not to interfere with, disrupt or obstruct judicial activities or proceedings. All persons appearing before the Court shall, as far as practicable, appear in appropriate attire.

(B) Food and Drink.

Smoking, eating, or drinking is not permitted in the courthouse other than in designated areas for employees.

(C) Loitering.

No person shall loiter or conduct themselves in a boisterous, unseemly or disorderly manner in or around the courthouse or otherwise interfere with or obstruct judicial activities or proceedings.

(D) Electronic Devices.

All electronic devices shall be turned off before a person enters a courtroom.

(E) Small Children.

Small children are not permitted in the courtroom if their behavior or condition causes a disturbance.

(F) Failure to Comply.

Failure to comply with any aspect of this rule may result in sanctions, including continuance or dismissal of the matter before the Court, confiscation of the offending object(s), or a charge of contempt of Court.

(G) Attention to Rule.

Counsel shall call this rule to the attention of clients and witnesses.