(A) Civil.

A demand for trial by jury shall be made in accordance with Civ.R. 38. To obtain a jury in a civil case, a written jury demand shall be filed with the Clerk, together with the jury deposit set forth in the schedule of court costs. If no number is specified on the jury demand, the number of jurors shall be eight (8). To be effective, a jury demand requires both a written request and the deposit. The deposit may be waived upon determination by the assigned judge that the party making the jury demand is indigent. The non-prevailing side shall be responsible for jury costs unless the Court otherwise directs.

(B) Criminal/Traffic.

Where there is a right of jury trial, the jury demand shall be made in accordance with Crim.R. 23. In criminal and traffic cases, the defendant, if found guilty, shall be responsible for any jury costs.

(C) General.

In all civil, criminal, and traffic cases, when a jury is requested and not used, the jury costs shall be assessed against the party making the demand, unless the demand is withdrawn in writing by 9:00 a.m. of the last working day before the date set for trial.