(A) Witnesses may be subpoenaed by filing a praecipe with the Clerk or by a person designated by an order of the Court as provided in Civ.R. 45(C).

(B) Any praecipe for subpoena or order designating a person to serve a subpoena shall be filed with and time stamped by the clerk at least five (5) business days before the scheduled date of trial. If a witness fails to appear at trial and the filing for such service was made sooner than five (5) business days before trial, or service cannot be made due to the late filing of the praecipe or order, then such nonappearance by the witness shall not constitute grounds for a continuance.

(C) In any case, service of subpoena may be made by an attorney-at-law or by any person designated by the court pursuant to Rule 45 (B) of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure or Rule 17(D) of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure. In civil cases, service of subpoena may be made by the bailiff’s office.