(A) Written Request.

No party shall be granted a continuance of a trial or hearing without first submitting a written request to the assigned judge or magistrate stating the reason for such request. No court shall grant a continuance to any party at any time without first setting a new date for the trial or hearing. [M.C.Sup.R.16(A) and (B)]

(B) Motions to Withdraw.

Any request to withdraw must be in writing and be filed with the court at least seven (7) calendar days before the next scheduled hearing and shall contain:

(1) the reasons for the motion;

(2) a certificate of service to opposing counsel and the client;

(3) the date and time of the next court appearance;

(4) a statement from counsel that if the motion is granted, a copy will be mailed by counsel to the clients at their last known address, including a conformation of previously scheduled court hearing(s).

(C) Designated Trial Attorney.

Each party represented by counsel shall have one attorney designated as trial attorney. All notices and communications from the Court and all documents required to be served will be sent to the designated trial attorney.

(D) Stipulations.

Stipulated continuances shall not be granted as a matter of course.

(E) Waiver.

A judge, for good cause, may waive any requirement in this Rule.