Underage Alcohol Consumption Diversion

You may be eligible for the Underage Alcohol Diversion Program. If you qualify, you can avoid a conviction on your record.

In determining whether you qualify, the Court and the prosecutor consider many factors, including your past criminal and traffic record (including your juvenile record). The prosecutor and the Court have discretion as to whether you qualify.


The benefits of diversion:

Underage Alcohol Possession on Consumption Diversion
Fine Up to $1000 (typically about $250) No fine, program fee is $550
Court Costs Approximately $250 and Up No court costs, included in program fee
Jail Time Up to six months If successfully complete program, no jail
Record Criminal Conviction which would have to be reported upon request on any job or school applications Charge is dismissed; there is no conviction to be reported on job or school applications


To be considered for the program, you must:

  • Pay a $100.00 non refundable fee (credited towards the $550.00 program fee) and fill out an application.
  • Be a first offender – absolutely no felony convictions, no drug convictions, no alcohol- related convictions or serious misdemeanor convictions, NOT CURRENTLY IN OR HAVING COMPLETED A DIVERSION PROGRAM OR BENEFITTED FROM A RECORD SEALING.
  • Have no pending cases.
  • Be accepted in the program by the prosecutor in conjunction with Ohio Revised Code Section 7935.36.


If you are accepted into this program you must plead guilty to the offense and enter a SIX month diversion program which requires:

  1. Completion of an on-line substance abuse program.
  2. Attending one substance abuse program, such as AA.
  3. Twenty-four hours of community service.
  4. Writing a satisfactory two-page report to the Court on what you have learned in the program.
  5. Not be charged with any other criminal or serious traffic offense during your participation in the program.

You must not get charged, convicted or be indirectly involved in any criminal activity. You are not to use alcohol or any illegal non-prescribed drugs.

It is ultimately up the Judge as to whether you have successfully completed this program.